Quantum Physics can give you the knowledge that will give you access into a form of seeing and living, which is what we know as reality. It is the understanding of our own existence and general knowledge of what the universe is. I like to believe that everything is connected. I also like to think that each of us has the power to heal oneself. I see Quantum Physics as an evolution of understanding. It is related to creativity as it describes the world in a different way than we are used to. In the quantum world things can be in two places at once. A particle may be taking the route to the left and the right at the same time, only when the observer looks is when the particle chooses a direction. This takes us to a universe full of fantastic things including magic. When you consider Quantum Physics you enter your conscience. You realize that what you always thought of a true, is not, that reality appears when you observe and therefore you start to see the world with different eyes.

It has always been said that creativity in an artist is seeing something that does no exist or you do not see in advance and discover how to bring it to live, so because of that Quantum Physics is so attached to art in general.

From 7th to 19th November 2013, Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green, London, after one year of work, you will see my interpretation and others artists about the quantum world. Please visit www.quantumexhibition.co.uk


Acerca de esperanzagomezcarrera

Esperanza Gómez Carrera, artista visual malagueña, especializada en esculturas, instalaciones y performances. Vive y trabaja en Londres.
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