Women In Agony


Through “Women in Agony”* Eliza Soroga, the UK performance artist from Athens aims to create a strong visual imagery of an anonymous female crowd on a busy Sunday morning around Oxford Circus area. Sixteen performers dressed in exactly the same dresses, brown hair wigs holding loads of shopping bags will walk together like a parade.

This performance makes a comment on how fashion industries makes people feel need to be unique and special but they end up looking exactly the same. It is also about screaming out the anger and distress that evolves out of the hectic rhythms of living in central London. Busy roads, little time off from work to relax and enjoy, expensive products, very long shifts of work, little sleep, loads of stress, big competition. Enough reason to scream!!!

*“Women in Agony” is part of Re-inventing public spaces performance series. These performances use the city landscapes as scenography references to make artwork that works both as live and filmed. It will happen Sunday the 21st of June 2015 at 10am in Oxford Circus/Regents St and junction with Hanover St.

Artistic Director : Eliza Soroga www.elizasoroga.com, Photography by Rocio Chacon. www.rociochacon.com #WomeninAgony


Acerca de esperanzagomezcarrera

Esperanza Gómez Carrera, artista visual malagueña, especializada en esculturas, instalaciones y performances. Vive y trabaja en Londres.
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Una respuesta a Women In Agony

  1. Je je… La del medio estes tú vestida de plátano con menta… 😜
    Un vestido matasueños con una peluca pelopaje.. No vengas por aqui vestida asi o te comerán los mosquitos andaluces 👾 que deben ser mucho mas agresivos que las guirimoscas.

    Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 17:15:04 +0000
    To: zagreo200@hotmail.com


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